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What are nightshades? White potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant fall into this category. So why wouldn’t a person eat vegetables of the nightshade family? They aren’t poisonous, are they? No, but nightshades contain toxins that destroy red blood cells. 

Nightshades have been connected with numerous  problems: Kidney stones, ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, breathing problems, digestive and skin problems, nerve problems/paralysis, and low energy are some of the negatives.


Also look at what we eat in terms of its energy activity, because this energy is transferred to us when we eat it. This is why microwave cooking , mechanical processing and cooking is not recommended when you are in a bad or fearful mood. .. it all transfers.

The wrong meats, or too much meat carry with it a lot of qualities that are not conducive to human behavior, such as herd mentality, for example. People who eat a lot of chicken tend to act like a chicken~ always picking on other people.


Organ transplants carry the memory cell of the person who donated the organs. They also carry some of the same beliefs and habits. Consult your Health Coach about this.


The Nightshades are antisocial, hanging out exclusively, and are loners. In other words, there are also emotional implications. Those who eat hot nightshade foods also tend to drink alcohol, trying to cool the liver. There is more of the same type of characteristics. Extreme, out of balance eating greatly accentuates these effects. Tobacco is also a Nightshade; it changes personalities.

The word Nightshade is the common name for the family Solanaceae. Products include potato and eggplant (Solanum spp.), and tomato (Lycopersion). Other edible fruits from Physalis (cape gooseberry, strawberry tomatoes, and sugar cherry, etc. according to the species and variety), Cymphomandra (tamarillo), Capsicum (sweet and chili peppers), etc. Most produce poisonous alkaloids and some are commercially important in this connection, e.g. Petunia, Lycium, Cestrum, Solandra also fall into this Nightshade category and should be avoided for better health and energy and vitality!


Tomatoes are heavily laced with lectins, called panhemaglutinans (meaning they agglutinate all blood types), tomatoes are trouble for Type A and Type B digestive tracts. Lectins, (proteins found in foods) have agglutinating properties that affect your blood. Lectins are a powerful way for organisms in nature to attach themselves to other organisms in nature.

Lots of germs, and even our own immune systems, use this super glue to their benefit. For example, cells in our liver’s bile ducts have lectins on their surfaces to help them snatch up bacteria and parasites. Bacteria and other microbes have lectins on their surfaces as well, which work rather like suction cups, so that they can attach to the slippery mucosal linings of the body.

So, too, with the lectins in food. When you put a food containing protein lectins that are compatible with your blood type antigen, the lectins target an organ or bodily system and begin to agglutinate blood cells in that area. Even a minute quantity of a lectin is capable of agglutinating a huge number of cells if the particular blood type is reactive.


Monday evening I served a Taco Salad.  Healthy chips from Aldi replaced Doritos, and we used ‘No Tomato Pizza Sauce‘ mixed with Hellman’s salad dressing for the sauce. We mixed in ‘homemade’ refried black beans and hamburger. We used the regular taco seasoning. Tuesday evening we cut up ‘healthy’ hotdogs to heat with green beans and also served salad. Wednesday evening we had brown rice, chicken thighs cooked in the crock pot, and salad. Thursday evening we had mashed sweet potatoes, chicken broth gravy, green beans and salad. I mixed Jarrow Formula Bone Broth with the beans and hotdogs, and with the gravy for more nutrition. We aren’t totally macrobiotic, but I am still losing some weight. 


Why if I go on the Macrobiotic Diet I lose weight for 4 weeks, then all weight loss stops?  How can the fat cells be unlocked to release the weight? Can Rickets be reversed? I had my gall bladder taken out, but still have symptoms. What can I do? If we are genetically predisposed to being sick, do we have any choice but just being sick? As in ‘Mom had health challenges, her son has them, now the son’s daughter’s has them’. So the girls don’t get to have any sons as this will only get passed on? Do I need Vit K 2? What treatment is available for hemochromatosis? Are you getting your REM sleep? Are your muscles twitching? Listen to the recording, or join us on the call every Monday evening at 8:00 pm Eastern time. 712.432.8774 Conference ID 227733#

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