Causes of Neuropathy And How To Reverse It

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Conference call by Health Coach Loren Miller

Our topic is on neuropathy, which is inflammation. We’re going to talk a little bit about sources of inflammation and different things you can do, generally when you read medical literature that talk about white blood cells and when you have inflammation, white blood cells help in the immune response of fighting infections. If you cut your finger it gets red and swells up and you have a little bit of pain. We have inflammation around the nerves and the redness is increased blood flow so that your body can carry away infections. It’s also white blood cells as part of the whole process. Neuropathy, for most people, the number one inflammation source is the food you eat. Number two is viruses, bacteria, and inflammation that comes from that. You can also have inflammation in the brain. They typically used drugs like prednisone to reduce inflammation, and sometimes that’s necessary.

In the way of foods, anything your body can’t take and use as food causes inflammation. If I am a blood type A and  eating beef, that will cause inflammation. If I’m a blood type O I can eat beef without having a lot of inflammation. If I eat cheese and bread together, then I’m going to have inflammation. Neuropathy is the most common thing that we think of when we have inflammation. When a person has neuropathy, what is happening is there are different foods that cause infections and inflammation in the lining of the nerves and also the cholesterol covering around the nerves. Then there will be inflammation in that area and that’s primarily about bowel related, immune related, and what we call offending agents. That means your body is offended because you eat things that will cause inflammation.

Then it can get quite bad, especially in diabetes is what they call a brittle diabetic.  You will find that people can have a lot of pain, and not only is it inflammation, but you have a lot of internal bleeding. In a fatty liver you can have inflammation, called cirrhosis of the liver. You can have inflammation when the lymph system is backed up and the fluids in the lymph part of the liver are backed up or the kidneys are backed up. You’ll have problems with inflammation in the lymph system and the kidneys. Almost every time if you stop having the offending agents that you’re eating and you take a sufficient amount of vitamin D and vitamin A and eat a vegetarian diet for a week, most people will notice a very substantial difference in the amount of pain they have. The foods that are usually offending agents are ones that raises insulin. When you eat too much meat you raise the insulin.

When you eat anything that is converted to sugar right away, like bread, which is converted to sugar, then you’ll have inflammation and that will cause additional pain. Sinuses, same kind of thing. And meningitis and tonsillitis, Sore throat that comes from flu. They’re sore because you have inflammation. If you eat the kinds of foods that do not cause inflammation and your immune system is supported sufficiently you can reduce this inflammation or completely reverse it. We call that getting well. Sometimes drugs are necessary in really, really severe cases for a short period of time. Most of the time in our experience you just go on a vegetarian diet. That does not mean juicing. That means steaming your foods, which in our booklets that we have, we have a list of ingredients that you would use.  The nice thing about it is they are root vegetables that a person can purchase at Walmart, and also root vegetables that we can grow in our gardens. The use of those vegetables are such that your body can begin to clear out the inflammation, and the lymph can start moving again.

Then you have medical devices. Some people have heard of a beamer that helps. There are other devices out there that help move the lymph and then the least expensive thing to do usually for something like that is to be a vegetarian for a period of time. And then you get on a little rebounder. It is important to get instructions of how to use the rebounder. Now you’re going to reduce inflammation tremendously. It’s amazing how much you can do in 30 days and how much you can recover from the inflammation.

The inflammation will all come back, of course, if you go back and eat the same foods that caused it to start with. In the sense of viruses, there are viruses that your immune system does not recognize and manage. The highest level of viruses is in beef, then chicken and then Turkey, and then pork has the least amount of viruses that cause inflammation. The problem there is of those viruses, our immune system doesn’t recognize them and cannot fight it off, so as we get older, those kinds of viruses keep raising and raising and we find ourselves stiff or there’s inflammation in the brain that squeezes the nerves so the nerves cannot send the signals to move your legs and usually that viruses is the coxsackie virus.  Eighty percent of the people that have coxsackie virus but been eating pork or they’ve been raising for.

Pork, like I said, does not have as many viruses, (these are all studies that are published on Pub Med) and I’m quoting from those studies. The best  simple, straightforward thing to do, if you do not have a viral infection or bacterial infection, is just go on a vegetarian plant-based Diet. We’ve had people that had a lot of pain and could hardly get in and out of bed. Ten days later they’re up and around and feeling pretty good. Then 30 days later it’s almost gone. If it’s food related, and most of the time it is food related, people are amazed how much relief they can have. The other thing that causes a lot of inflammation and a tremendous amount of problems that people usually aren’t aware of is nightshades, those are plants that grow at night, which would be white potatoes, sweet potatoes grow during the day so they’re not included, eggplant, and tomatoes.

People that come to us with a lot of hip pain, or neuropathy, we get them off of all the different kinds of night shades and a week later, eighty percent of the pain’s gone. So you have to be careful what vegetables you use, but the list that we have in our booklets that we completed will not cause inflammation and people find their mobility increases. People start losing weight and they feel much better. Anybody that’s overweight has inflammation in the fat cells. We have a static that means we maintain the same number of fat cells and the reason we get a little plump is because these fat cells are carrying a lot of inflammation and can’t get rid of it but only so fast. Then we eat the kinds of foods that cause inflammation and eat too much of it.  So we just get heavier and heavier.

When we stop eating those foods and have the proper nutrition the cells can get rid of toxicity inside the cell. When that happens the fat cells reduce in size and you lose weight, and you feel better because you don’t have the excess pressure on the nervous system, which a lot of times we call neuropathy. So that is a quick breakdown. When I summarize it as far as sources of problems, they usually would be inflammation, viruses, bacteria, and night shades for the most part. That’s the source of almost all inflammation. Then it comes to noninflammatory foods for your blood type and is different for each person or each blood type. Quote: An estimated 20 million people in the United States have some form of peripheral neuropathy.

Question and Answer

Does the Meda Tron have any benefit of accelerating the healing or taking down the inflammation?

It does. You have the light frequencies and then the body converts it and use it in whatever frequency it wants to convert it to. In so doing, you increase the energy of the cell so it can function as it is designed to function. When that happens you increase what we call the micro circulation, the little capillaries, which is about 77 percent of all of our blood vessels. When you increase micro circulation then the body has the capacity for the blood flow to carry the toxins and when it moves the toxins it dumps into the lymph system. From there, with some exercise, you can get rid of a lot of inflammation, and the body has ways of handling it. So the Meda Tron accelerates those processes very, very substantially. In some cases where you have capillaries that are completely filled out and they are not moving at all, it can get that process started in the Micronucleus where micro-circulation begins the healing process. A lot of people ask about the Beamer. We really liked the Beamer, I give that about a one in terms of micro-circulation and then the Meda Tron we value about 8. There are several other medical devices that we typically don’t use anymore, but we did use, and they ranged anywhere from two to four in terms of increasing the micro circulation.

The immune system doesn’t work right if the thyroid is off. So if the thyroid is off, your immune system is not working, the whole endocrine system is not working right. Then people are going to overdose. We have a person that took a little bit too much of a thyroid supplement and they ended up with pain in the hands and the feet, but mostly the feet.

The most common thing as far as nutritional deficiencies, when we do micro nutrient testing in the lymphocytes, the 14 day culture, will show they are low in glutathione. Glutathione is the master antioxidant. It controls inflammation in the entire body. So in that case then we find is quite successful to use Immunocal. Immunocal has been very, very helpful in those situations. Then they are short in vitamin B, substantially short in Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

So typically a lot of people, like I have done, are eating foods that cause inflammation. How do you determine when it’s a lacking of nutrients for your joints or for your body?

The most effective way to determine what nutrients you’re short of would be the micro nutrient testing, but in rheumatoid arthritis, that has an infection that affects the immune system. You have to address that as well as the soft tissue, which would be the tissue between the vertebrae or the synovial fluid in the knees and the elbows and the joints. Then it also has something to do with the heart tissue to rebuilding our tissue. So when you mentioned the joint, you need to consider all three of those plus the immune system to address those issues. So it depends on where it’s located as to how you would address it and what the complications of the problem is. An interesting statement the doctors will make is if you can control inflammation in the body and control almost any disease. That’s a very common statement among licensed medical physicians.

Here’s the other note about inflammation. It’s really interesting. There was a church group that was putting greenhouses in high elevation areas in the world. They didn’t have enough vegetables and what they found is that people had less pain, they had more endurance, the children had higher IQs, and in analyzing they found that they had less brain inflammation. There’s a lot of different studies about inflammation. Probably about 300,000 different studies on PubMed about inflammation.

On these air purifiers. Is it just a good one. Is it better than most? Do I have any documentation?

This is the only one that’s been through the court process. The study has been at the universities and when you have a clinic and you have medical doctors, you have to have scientific proof that something works. We have used a lot of different ones and we chose this. I’d say one reason we chose it because it’s been through all the clinical trials and it’s actually proven to reduce all kinds of viruses and flu bugs and that kind of thing. The other thing we like is you’re not changing the filter the whole time. When you buy air purifiers, say for a hundred or $200, the profit for the company is not selling the air purifier, the profit is all the filters you buy over the years. You end up paying around four times as much and if the people will keep the filters clean, they do a really good job. With this one we’ve addressed a lot of different bacteria and we also found that it reduces the yeast infection when women have yeast.

We’ve had some things happen. We’ve had mold being pulled off the walls and my folks put one in their house and they had it actually cleaning their fishbowl on the inside.

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