What To Do For Infections and Viruses

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What To Do For Infections And Viruses 


Conference Call by Health Coach Loren Miller

A small child had gotten bitten on the cheek by another child. I don’t know was it intentional or unintentional, but she had gotten an infection in her cheek. When the child started with skin lesions and bots, her mother called me. They live in a  basement house, so they had a lot of mold, and all the children had mold in their blood. The mother had some Epstein-Barr viruses, and the children do to, because the children have what the mother had.

This little girl’s cheek was swelling up and had inflammation.  The inflammation, in this case, it turns out will be either staph or   PseudomonasA spider bite is what we call a neural toxin.


   Cassia Oil has been demonstrated in published studies to shut down Pseudomonas and staph infection as good or better than an drug. I  can say that because I actually have the studies. 

When you take drugs or anything like that to kill the virus, what  they do, is look at us as a piece of real estate and run off and make a house. So you have to destroy the house to kill off the virus. In  the study it was demonstrated that Cassia Oil will destroy the  house and kill off all the Pseudomonas and Staph infection. The Cassia Oil, available from Doing Good and Meadowview Essential Oils, will do that.


There are essential oils for other viruses in the central nervous system, but viruses are very, very low in PH. What you want to do is raise the PH. Whether it’s a spider bite or  virus of any kind, their PH is between two and four. What you have to do now is raise the PH high enough to inactivate the Pseudomonas or Staph  Infection.

This keeps them from doing what they want to do. You need to immobilize them by raising the PH. Drugs you would use to kill the virus are called Antihisamines. So we make our own Antihistamines.

What we do is for a one hundred pound person you take about  four drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide and put it in a cup of water. If you didn’t boil your water put in one more drop to clean up the impurities of regular well water or city water.

Now take baking soda in a dish and mix enough  water to your baking soda to make a paste. Now you have some thing that the PH is about 8.5. We went from a PH of 3 something to over 8. That is what an Antihistamine does, it immobilizes  infections, so they cannot be productive in doing their destruction. 

Then we take a little soft paint brush and spread the baking soda on the band-Aid and put it on where the infection is. You do that about three times a day. The reason you do it that number times is because the moisture in the baking soda dries really quickly and starts crumbling off. So every mother should have about one inch square or up to two inch square bandage where they can paint on the antihistamine, and in this case,put that on the cheek, and that draws the poison out. 

For an infection on the arm or leg, my suggestion is you have  a bigger band-aid or you have gauze, then you double up the  gauze,  paint your baking soda and water with hydrogen peroxide mixture on with your soft brush. Wrap that around your arm or leg, wherever the infection is.  You change that three times a day. You need three different applications in one day. That will  draw the poisons down.


Years ago we used to, over fifty years, in fact, use flaxseed. If a horse got a nail in the hoof, we would pull the nail out and then  we mixed the flax seeds with water almost like a gell and then   wrap with a plastic bag and some burlap and tape that on the hoof. That  draws the infection, and the baking soda does the same thing.

If you take care of things in 2 days, or within one day, then you can do it with the baking soda application. If you have red lines running up your arm you might need medical attention.   The drug you would use is antihistamines, so we just make our own.


The picture I showed you of my black widow spider bite where my foot was at least twice as big as normal, we did the baking soda protocol at least 4 or 5 times a day because that was extreme.  In eight days, it was almost normal color. If you would use a drug, an antihistamine drug, it would take at least 3-5 months.

After you’ve done that you need to get lymph moving. Then  you come back with the Basil and the Lavender Oil.  Also use the Meda Tron. Put the red band of the Meda Tron, in the case of the  arm, on the wrist,and the black band on shoulder. Do that for  thirty minutes. Do that every three hours during the day. If you can only do it in the evening do it at least twice before you go to  bed. In the morning, get up and repeat You are stimulating cell  communication, so the cells can do what they are designed to do. The Meda Tron will raise the PH. The purple and red lights frequency kills the viruses. That will  raise the PH to a healing PH  and raise the energy to healing minus sixty to minus seventy.  That’s where the healing starts. So use the Meda Tron and the   therapy with the baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and water. 

 Along with that if it’s an adult take one hundred milligrams of  niacin and take one capsule of charcoal of which will draw poisons inside the body.We have them drink a little bit, up to one teaspoon  of baking soda in about six to eight ounceswaterand in that water  we will add two or three drops of hydrogen peroxide, then you  can drink it. So, we’re raising the PH and we are drawing poisons down.

Now the infections cannot perform what they are designed to perform.  They need the real low PH to do the damage, and we  take  that away by the raising cell energy and raising the PH. 

The Meda Tron is a Patented Device. the current Meda Tron Device. Care Center is the Master Distributor of this Meda Tron Device available worldwide.

The Device projects the 3 Primary Colors through a media of water. The 3 Primary Colors projected from the Device is the same colors as UV Light uses for Light Therapy presently used in Medical Devices. The body then converts the light to an appropiate  frequency. The energy of negative ions goes a long way to normalizing cell function. Cells that function normally are not sick.

Contact Care Center 812. 254.2991 for more information. 

Question & Answer

Do you take Calm every time you do the Meda Tron therapy?


Yes, I do. Just not the full amount because we are not doing the  whole body, just a specific thing. What I usually do is I take the  Zing minerals, and just a really small  amount of magnesium Calm each time. I wouldn’t do a high dose like you normally do.  Take from one-fourth teaspoon to one teaspoon depending on  how deficient the body is and if you are a high magnesium user. People who have  real deficiency in vitamins might need to take the full amount. I would take 1/4 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon.

What if you have a rash from yeast infection, and don’t want to use the oils?

You can do the same thing, but that is a  bowel problem. Now we go to probiotics. A fairly good dose of probiotics. We have probiotics that work well. You really need to get hold of the office, the phone number is 812-254-2991 and fill out your intake form. 

Wherever there is a rash is real low in cell energy, in which you use the Cassia Oil, or you can use Frankincense, available from Doing Good, depending on what it is. That will help lower the candida, so you can have  healing. 

Do you know what the PH is of the burdock leaves? 

It’s fairly high, but burdock does not work as fast for infection as baking soda, water, and hydrogen peroxide.

 The people that are trained to handle burns know exactly what to do and how to do it. Burdock leaves aren’t really helpful when  there’s a lot a candida. In some cases it helps, but not in other cases. I think the burn unit people are quite well trained. I’ve been  very pleased with what I’ve seen. I would use the burdock protocol for burns. For severe burns I would definitely let  those who had been  trained in that area take care of it. Most medical doctors in Amish communities recognize that the Amish do better to heal burns. They have a little book, and have 3 or 4 people trained in each community. 

 We are in the process of writing up a booklet addressing the baking soda protocal that we talked about earlier. We hope to get it done by next March. People can have    training this like they do with the burdock leaves.        

If you have extreme infection you must go to a medical doctor. If red lines start to go up the arm or something like thatwe recommend to go to a medical doctorThey can give you treatment especially for that. 

Just two weeks ago I got bit by a bunch ofbees and my right arm   and part of my left arm were really swollen. I would say thirty percent bigger than normal.

So I followed all this protocol we talked about. I also drank baking soda and I was starting to get red streaks going up my arm. Now if you didn’t have this training then you shouldn’t try to do this. I would tell them to go to a hospital right away. 

It took about ten days but now my arms are down to normal size. All the little red spots had broken open and were leaking puss out of them.  All but one was gone in about ten days and my arm is back to normal. So we need to write a manual just like the burn unit people have. 

My sister-in-law told me to use 6 layers of burdock leaves to heal infection. Does the baking soda work faster? 

 Well, there is more than one way to do it. If I had an infection I would use the home-made antihistamines. The protocol I’m talking about draws infection out a lot faster than burdock leaves, but I wouldn’t use this treatment for burns.  Some people have extreme cases of infection that they need to apply it seven times   a day. You might need it four times a day for the first three or four days then two times a day after that. You need to learn to use  good judgment of when you go to a medical doctor. This should stop it fairly rapidly, but if it doesn’t you still need to go to the doctor.

For peroxide, just go to your local pharmacy and get 3% peroxide. I do not like to use thirty five percent. 

Another thing for intake is the Burdock root. It is extremely   effective in repairing and getting the nervous system going  again. When  you can double up and use the  Meda Tron, that adds a whole new element of healing. It gives cells energy and  changes the PH in a really short period of time.  Doctor Jerry Jenett did a substantial amount of research on that and gives a very  good presentation of how and why that works and why it’s so important. He was a  researcher, and does a very good job of training people. 

Where the pins were in my daughter’s arm there is a bump, it doesn’t look very nice. I have already put burdock leaves on a couple of times but it is still there.

 With your daughter I would start the treatment with the Meda Tron bands and get the PH up with the cell energy. When you  don’t have any cell energy  your PH level will be really low. PH and cell energy manifests the same. That scar is dead tissue. When you start increasing the energy that scar tissue will go away and your body will heal without a scar. 

The lady in Iowa had a severe tooth infection. We had her do thirty minutes on the Meda Tron and she was pain free for  two and a half hours, thirty minutes on the Meda Tron and pain free for two and a half hours. What was happening we were  increasing cell energy so the body could move the infection

 Another thing I had people do was use the baking soda water and swish it around in your mouth, and just hold it right there in that area so it’s absorbed right through the skin.

The reason we told her to do that is the drugs that were  given was making her dizzy and sick. After the second  time by the doctor to get another drug she still had the same    problem. Now she is under medical supervision so we can add  additional therapy to support current medical therapies.We just add the use of the Meda Tron. 

We have done this in a trial study. When you get out of this mode it goes to a peer reviewed study. We don’t talk about things unless it has been demonstrated to work, and it’s been peer reviwed. It’s been tried x amount of times and it always works, so you don’t have to change around from one thing to another.


We are health coaches working under medical supervision.

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