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October 30, 2017

Last week we talked about hair loss and the reasons why, and also why we use L-Glutamine and Country Farms Bountiful Beets. Beets work really well because it helps flush the liver. The L-Glutamine heals the gut that has been compromised with the food.

We’re going to talk about hair color tonight, and then growing back the hair. Sometimes we actually have to run a hormone test to find out what’s going on, but most of the time we don’t have to. The number one reason you lose your hair color is because of a lack of B Vitamins, Zinc and Copper, and Selenium. Those three. You need really heavy doses of that. Some people when they start taking the B Vitamins in higher doses it will make them almost sick. The reason is because the liver is backed up and the liver cannot use that many B Vitamins. Then people will take probiotics because they think that it is a good thing to do. Most of the probiotics that we’re familiar with in Network Marketing, or in a health food store are usually around 5 Billion or 1 Billion. The reason they do that is if you have a compromised liver then people can actually take 1 Billion. However, if you have a problem like a yeast problem, or Endometriosis which is an advanced condition of that, then you have a lot of inflammation and will need higher doses. For yeast problems we use 90 Billion and we use the brand Advanced Naturals.

So we go with Saccharomyces which is for the large intestinal tract. The small intestinal tract and the lymph system formulais primarily for women. That’s the formula to get rid of the yeast so you can have good absorption.

We used the Yeastzyme from Advance Naturals. We have them available from Doing Good.


What we have to do is get the bowel to absorb B Vitamins at a high dose. If you’re having trouble with the B Vitamins at high doses I would say you start out with at least 10000 international units of Vitamin A. Most food supplements have twenty five hundred. So you need to find a formula of at least 10,000. A lot of times we recommend people use Youngevity Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 and that’s 10,000. Add the rebound to it then you’re up to 15 thousand on the vitamin A, then you have enough B Vitamins. Once in a while we have to go higher doses than that.

We’ve found with people that supplement with the minerals along with the B vitamins. They start getting their natural color back. They do have to add the copper, and the zinc. You have to add Selenium. We like to use Jarrow when we’re trying to do something specific. Sometimes you need a lot more copper then you need selenium from the normal ratios. Sometimes you need a lot more zinc. With the Jarrow Formulas we can manage back and forth to what the need is. The key is to get the absorption and really high doses of B-Vitamins. And then you start seeing some of the new hair back towards your original color. And it’s really about that simple.

Last week we talked about you have to have the vegetables so you don’t produce the bad estrogen. When you produce the bad estrogen, that sets you up for potential cancer and hormone problems, thyroid problems, and adrenal stress. So it’s really important to have a complex of vegetables. If you don’t have that then you can’t manage the hormones. Women go to the doctor and they get hormone shots or anything like that, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. The main reason is because they’re producing bad estrogen and they don’t have enough of the complex of vegetables.

So you need to have a complex of the vegetables, high B vitamins and minerals. These are the baseline. If you manage those four things then you start maintaining your hair color or some color will start to come back. The last person that I did  that with had snowy white hair. It took three years and she had a full head of hair the original color. It took almost four months to get her digestion right so she could actually absorb it. If you get your absorption right then you can keep your original color all through your whole life. That’s why you see some people 75 and even 80 years old and they will still have their original color. Not very often, but some do. So inadvertently, because of genetics, or inadvertently they were using a food supplement that worked really, really well.


Matt, Did you have any questions on how to get the original color back on the horses?

No,I really don’t have much problem with that. Our horses do pretty good at not eating things like ice cream, chips, and pop.

If you say B-vitamins is that a variety of B vitamins?

You have to have the whole complex of the B-Vitamins. You can’t just use one B Vitamin or it doesn’t do any good. Sometimes we add Biotin and take really high doses of Biotin but you still have to take the basic Vitamin B Complex. Tin and Atrium are two minerals that you need to maintain your color. The Zing minerals from Doing Good, one squeeze of the dropper will draw in about 10 drops. So you need close to 40 drops a day and use Biotin if you need to. And that will help quite a bit if add the B-complex.

Now if a person does cell analysis and we see a particular vitamin B too low then we start with that right away. Normally people that want to get their hair color back need extra Biotin to do that.

Is Biotin is one of the basics to get hair color back?

It won’t do it by itself. It’ll help but it won’t really get you the results you are looking for.

When you get your B-complex did you say that is from Jarrow or use Tangy Tangerine?

I usually recommend Tangy Tangerine because of the higher dose. That costs $54, and yes, you can buy good B vitamins for $25-$26, but by the time you buy a good B-complex that they really have it right, there are only 2,500 international units instead of 10,000 on the vitamin A. By the time you buy enough you’re spending more money then if you just bought Doctor Wallach’s Tangy Tangerine. We have had some success with Jarrow products. They have a product called B Right. And that product works some, but not as well. That comes back with repairing the gut,  the stomach, and cleansing the liver so you can absorb all the nutrients that you need to absorb.

You said it can take up to four months to get your absorption right. How do we know when we are absorbing things right?

As far as the hair is concerned maybe you’ll find yourself losing a lot less hair.

What about shampoo?

We found we really like using Dr. Bronner’s soap for shampoo. It is made with essential oils. We’ve found that works best over all. It doesn’t make it real fluffy, because it doesn’t have additives in there to make your hair fluffy.

If you use really inexpensive synthetic shampoos  you will not have the success that you do with the Bronner’s. You can even buy the by the gallon if you need to. It’s pretty reasonably priced if you buy it by the gallon. It’s in almost every health store, and maybe even in Walmart. If it’s not we can assist you in that also.

What minerals are horses lacking if they chew on fences?

Phosphorus. They are short on phosphoros. We call that cribbing. Pregnant women have been known to eat light bulbs and all kinds of things like that to get their phosphorus. So whenever you start eating something different then you normally should eat you need more phosphorus.

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