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 Conference Call by Health Coach Loren Miller

This is the first of two parts of how to work with hair loss and what is really happening in the body that contributes to hair loss. The first thing is that the bowel cannot absorb the nutrients, so it is a malnutrition problem. We need to get the bowel functioning correctly. The first thing we do is start on Glutamine.  L-Glutamine is an amino acid. We add enough Vitamin A to that and the other thing we need is B-6 coming from beets. Beets are one of the best cleansing vegetables you can possibly use to do a liver cleanse. In fact, it’ll do a more complete liver cleanse than anything that we know of currently. You start out with the liver cleanse so the liver can handle fat. It needs to be able to process fats for Cholesterol.

The healing comes through having enough Cholesterol and the proper fats, the L-Glutamine and the Vitamin A. You have to clean the liver and the bowel to get that process started. If you don’t clean up the bowel and the liver then the L-Glutamine cannot be absorbed. Right now we’re getting the Vitamin A from a product called Rebound from Youngevity. Rebound has a very low level of the B Vitamins. When you do a high level or therapy level of the vitamins it backs the liver up too much and liver can’t handle it, then people get sick. The product called Tangy Tangerine 2.0 from Youngevity, a lot of people can’t take the full serving. The reason they can’t take the full serving is the liver clogs up. That’s where the beets help a lot. The Bountiful Beets that we use from Walmart has the leaves as well as the root. Both of them are important or this whole program won’t work.

Then we go to L-Glutamine. We feed the body that, then the bowel can replace itself. Different parts of the body and the organ system replace at different times. People get a brand new set of cells one cell at a time and you replace your liver in six to eight weeks, depending on how healthy or. Your stomach lining in your bowel replaces every five days so it can survive and recover from the over use of high insulin foods.

L-Glutamine comes from a product called Intesti-max which is available from Doing Good


The highest insulin foods we have that destroys the bowel is high gluten. With that high gluten we add milk, which, when you’re over 8 years old you really can’t digest cow’s milk. That complicates things. Then the next thing we add besides the milk and that we add the wheat. Your body can’t digest it or break it down so it kind of tears the bowel up. A healthy bowel can handle half a cup of gravy and white potatoes at a time. The rest of it is all converted to sugar and it raises the insulin. When we raise the insulin the pancreas goes under stress and can’t produce the enzymes it needs to digest food. So it turns the fat. When we eat too much of that then we just have a lot of glucose in the muscles.

We think that when eat the wheat and potatoes and gravy, which tears the gut up, gives us energy. That gets converted to sugar, then we add a high insulin meat that our blood type can’t digest. That continues to increase the insulin. When the body’s insulin is way too high the bowel cannot digest food. Then it can’t use the nutrients it needs. That begins the process of producing bad estrogen, because the person ate that and didn’t eat enough vegetables.

What we found, with the Juice Plus capsules from Clara Plank, as an example is in our study, and this is not a published study but clinically observed, that the women especially, quit producing bad estrogen. When you produce bad estrogen you overload yourself on insulin.

That’s what the bed wetting comes from and that’s where the hormonal problem comes from. So we have to cut back and repair the bowel. To do that we start out with the Rebound product and the beets from Walmart. Per serving you get 500 milligrams Potassium. That kind of clears your head up and helps you function a lot better. You think you’re getting well but it takes quite a while. Then we use the L-Glutamine from Doing Good. The Glutamine has to have enough Vitamin A which comes in Rebound and then the product that we use, Tangy Tangerine 2.0 from Youngevity, has other ingredients in to helps stimulate the production of Glutathione. Glutathione is the master antioxidant.

It turns out that mucus has been created from eating the wrong things. In some families every now and then I’ll get a call that they say, we’ve just had a lot of mucus lately. So if we go back and look at what they eat and how they feel as far as the intestinal tract is concerned and stomach ache, we can find the reason why. It is just because of the food consumption. If you want white potatoes and you want some gravy and it wheat, you just can’t have more than half a cup. Anything over that is too much for the pancreas to handle. Then you develop insulin resistance.

It was interesting, in Idaho, the potato farmers, or ranchers, up there had a high rate of diabetes because of insulin resistance. They just ate too much. They grew a lot of wheat, Idaho wheat,  up there in Montana and Idaho. So all we did is say, “OK, you can’t handle the trauma of not eating baked potatoes, so what we’re going to do is take you off the wheat.” To substitute it we used millet and cauliflower.


Serves: 6
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 1 Tablespoon unrefined olive oil, unsalted butter or unrefined coconut oil
  • 1 cup millet, rinsed
  • 3 cups water
  • 3 cups cauliflower florets
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 2 teaspoons sea salt
  • 1 Tablespoon chopped chives, optional (I didn’t have any the day I photographed this.)
  • unsalted butter, optional
  1. In a large saucepan, heat the olive oil. Add the onion and sauté over medium heat until tender and translucent, about 3-4 minutes.
  2. Add the millet, water, cauliflower, garlic and salt. Bring to a boil over high heat, cover and simmer for 25-30 minutes, until the vegetables are soft and the millet is cooked.
  3. Remove from the heat. Transfer to a food processor and blend until smooth or mash with a potato masher until desired consistency is achieved. The food processor will make this much smoother.
  4. Transfer to a serving bowl and sprinkle with chives, if you like. You can also stir in a little unsalted butter for a creamy finish, but it’s delicious without.

“What we’re going to do is have you eat raw white potatoes without the skin.” Raw potatoes will flush the liver and are very high in Vitamin C. Just by changing that and putting them on a little different diet they would drop the insulin requirements within a week 40-50 percent. We were repairing the bowel so they could start absorbing the nutrients. We weren’t clogging the bowel up anymore. It’s kind of like clogging the drain up and you have to clean the drain.

So in summary what we do is we want to flush the liver. Quit eating the foods that raise insulin. Have vitamin B6 and the L-Glutamine. That’s the beginning of the process of repairing the bowel so that we can start absorbing nutrients and stop losing so much hair. We add one more thing to it, and that is you have to have plenty of fruits and vegetables so you don’t produce bad estrogen so the hormones will come in line.

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You didn’t say raw potatoes did you?

I did say raw white potatoes. They are a good diuretic and they’re really high in Vitamin C, the complete Vitamin C. Ascorbic Acid is just part of a Vitamin C molecule. White potatoes are a complete and I had people call me and they just were really bound financially. They had colds and didn’t know what to do. I asked, “Well, do you have white potatoes? Start eating white potatoes and in the next three or four days you should recover from having a cold, because it flushes out mucus, too.”

It’s a wonderful snack. Some of the people will add carrots or celery or whatever they want. Carrots and celery and raw potatoes are really good for you. It’s a wonderful combination. It works for all blood types.

May all blood types use the beets?

When you use the whole beet, the leaves and the root. Country Farms Bountiful Beets has the leaves and the root. When you combine that then all the blood types get along quite well. You can get it from Walmart in a canister, it is a powder, then you don’t have that high level of sugar. Anytime you dehydrate something you release a lot of the sugar out of it. And the potassium is really high. When you’re too alkaline you urinate out your potassium and that’s hard on your heart to be low in potassium. So you can take the beet powder from Walmart in the pharmacy section. If you’re too alkaline, and sometimes blood type A’s have a tendency to become alkaline, because they like a lot of alkaline foods. Take that as your potassium and that brings everything back in line.

What about eating bananas to get more Potassium?

It’s a good source of potassium but they are very high in sugar, and there’s very little antioxidant value. Seven out of the 10 types of tumors are killed by eating beets, the leaves and root. That was presented in several studies by the National Institutes of Health. Just use the beets, the leaves and the root. Add the celery to it and sweeten up with a bitter green apple and they reverse their cancer doing that.

The drink is a great snack. The person that made me aware of it uses it as a snack when the children come home. Then she says, “I yield to Ritz crackers and butter if they use the drink. With the drink I figure I overcome the damage from the Ritz crackers.”

Sweet Beet Juice Recipe

Total Time: 2 minutes
Serves: 1-2


  • ½ green apple
  • 1 beet
  • 2-3 stalks celery


  1. Add all ingredients to vegetable juicer. Gently mix juice together and consume immediately.

That fellow was in another country and off the record of his files he reversed cancer for 42,000 people. Of those seven types of tumors there are three other types of tumors that beets don’t help and might even make it worse. I looked it up in the studies in National Institutes of Health and there’s reference to that particular recipe.

They evaluated it and it said it didn’t work as well as represented, because as long as they drank it they controlled the cancer but when they quit drinking and went back to their old way of eating then the cancer come back. Their conclusion was that it is not an effective cancer treatment. It’s all how you characterized it. What they mean to go back to their old way of eating is to go to Hardees and get a 700 calorie hamburger, a milkshake, and french fries. If you go back to that kind of eating you will have problems. If you quit eating all that stuff then you just don’t have these kind of problems. So all the research is slanted towards making a drug that will take care of it so you can go have your hamburgers.

The potent points when you begin the process of integrating real food into your life, it really does change your life. So try the recipe. We put the percentages in there that the doctor presented. When he made that up he did it by ounces, not by volume of the food. Some carrots have a lot more juice then the next carrot, so he did it all by ounces.

Raw white potatoes are healthy raw, but is it when you cook them when you have problems?

That’s correct. And then if you do cook them and you want a little bit of gravy just for a treat not more than a half a cup. The reason is your pancreas can handle only so much sugar at a time. It goes in batches. Your pancreas can handle a half a cup of wheat, gravy, and potatoes at a time and that’s it. You have to wait two more hours before you have that much again. Otherwise you increase the blood sugar problems and diabetics just get worse.

Our third daughter had a swelling on the side of her neck. The doctors said that she is maybe slightly anemic. We looked it up and found that red blood cell count may be low. What could we do for that?

Yes, your red blood cells are low and you lack the oxygen. Artificially the way to get that up is use the light in the Meda Tron foot bath from Doing Good to bring it up. Nutritionally speaking beets are one of the best things you can do to get iron in such a way that it’s healthy for you and the body  can use it. People that are anemic like that are almost always low in iron. You need to check the iron levels, but in the mean time a drink like that would go a long ways to helping to raise the oxygen, or the iron. Iron binds with the oxygen and holds the oxygen in the cell.

Repair Stomach and Intestine Lining Drink- when afternoon craving hits!

1:00-4-00 P.M. “Boiled” Water- 1 drink per day

  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Flush Liver
  • More Energy
  • To start absorbing Nutrients

Bountiful Beet Powder from Walmart–1 Serving / Adults  1/2 Serving/Children

IntestiMax-1 Serving/Adults- Doing Good Store- 1/2 Serving/ Children

Zing Minerals- 1/2 dropper/ Adults-Doing Good Store- 1/4 Dropper/ Children

Note: Drink should not interfere with meal times. Loren wants everyone consuming more liquids and not becoming dehydrated which is the underlying issue of many, many health conditions.

What can we do if potassium levels are very low and we can’t eat bananas?

Well, it would help because it has potassium, but it raises the insulin at the same time. So you spike your sugar.

Are you saying that a person like a diabetic should avoid bananas?

I would. I don’t use bananas at all. That sugary spike and then crash just doesn’t work well for most people.

My dad is diabetic and and likes bananas, but he probably doesn’t connect to the fact that bananas are not a help for his diabetes, thinking that it’s a natural food.

Well tell him arsenic is natural, too!

So it’s a matter of using some wisdom. He ought to use the Repair Stomach and Intestine Lining Drink and give response back from that. The reason I’m recommending to go to Walmart for your Beets, they put enough in there that per serving you end up with 500 milligrams Potassium. Energy drinks that are supposed to be natural usually use 700 milligrams of Potassium to give you energy. The network marketing companies say, “Well, ours is better quality and we only give you 250 milligrams, and we double the price.” That’s why we send people to Walmart for Country Farms Beets. You get 500 instead of 250 and get twice as much powder. It’s in the pharmacy, and it’s a powder and you mix it in water.

People like it a lot better to use L-Glutamine and it helps repair your stomach and your gut. It helps repair any of your skin anywhere, nerves, or whatever. It starts first in the B-6 that’s in the beets. Beets are really high in B-6. Your body has a priority system. The priority system it goes to where it needs it the most first. L-Glutamine and beets go together really well. It will go to repair your stomach and your intestinal tract before it goes anywhere else. As an example Immunocal, when you take Immunocal it raises the Glutathione levels and it goes to your eyes first and then you’re smelling. After that it goes to your lungs and then your liver. Those are the priorities of the Glutathione. So every food in the ingredients in different foods feed different organs first and then it’s available to the rest of the body.


Out of the last probably 30 years we’ve had people with bone cancer. Those are people that have had treatments like — where the stem cells are really really low. The key is getting the stem cells up and I would say that we’ve lost about one third of them. Nobody has ever made a presentation or done a research with food on that. We’ve just done the best we could. All the other cancers are when they come to us and they’ve had every treatment they can get and they’re ready to die. We’re over 97 percent instead of a 64 percent. The reason we’re searching that out is we’re still searching for ingredients for bone cancer and that’s one of the hardest ones. At least there’s the least amount of studies and research of all different types of cancers. People tell me that this drink is really good.

 Bed Wetting

Let’s switch over to bed wetting. Bed wetting is primarily a diabetes problem. There are certain ingredients in pumpkin seeds that increases the nervous systems ability to communicate. It takes a really high dose of B-vitamins along with the pumpkin seeds. Then you have to eat a real low insulin diet, just as if you are a diabetic. There’s an eating program you’re supposed to have, and in five to 16 days more than 80 percent of all the people go off of all diabetic drugs. That’s the only diet that I’ve seen that works in bed wetting.

That’s what we feel is most successful with bed wetting. It’s an insulin problem. When the insulin gets too high the body has to release the toxins of the insulin and the fastest way it can release it is through urine. So it over rides the signaling and you just can’t control it. We think that’s the underlying cause of all bed wetting.

What would you recommend for eye health? Are there certain food geared more towards eye health?

Dr. Wallich has a product for eyes. The other thing I think is really important is raising the Glutathione levels using Immunocal. Those two products I think do the best. In the way of foods stop eating any and all insulin producing foods for your blood type. That destroys the blood vessel lining on the inside the blood vessel. The blood vessels are made up with three layers of skin and it’s destroying the endothelium lining. In extreme cases when that’s destroyed people lose their vision of color and they always see gray.

We have a patient that did that. He ended up with diabetes, then cancer and was almost blind then they gave him a shot in his eye. He went from seeing gray to seeing colors again. He worked with a PSA  of over 20. Since we worked with him he’s complied just enough get down and maintain a mere ten. He goes back and forth between 10 and 14 because he won’t make all the changes. Since he’s been a patient for us a little less than two years, he said 70 of his friends have died of cancer, and he’s doing fine.

If you listen to Dr. Wallach he said there’s a lot of people that are in the 20s that never die of cancer, but their PSA is high. When the PSA is high there’s four different markers and that’s why they do a biopsy. Only one of the four is cancerous. To put it in perspective allowed them to have the other three markers high. So you take a biopsy you because don’t know which it is. So those other markers if they’re not cancerous, people can live with a PSA of 20 for 20 years and won’t die of cancer.  You eat a diet where you keep your insulin level down. Blood type A just can’t eat red meat, as an example. There are too many amino acids the blood type A can’t break down and use that will become free radicals. When your free radicals are high then your insulin is high. We really do become addicted to food because there’s a lot of emotional triggers. It can be hard to make those changes.

What about hair color?

When Paul was in his 20’s his hair was brown. Now they are black and white. I like his brown color hair better.

Well there’s a local store there that sells hair color . You could start there.  🙂

The color changes on the hair your color changes with your hormones and the minerals you use. That’s a primary influencing factors of your air color. Now why it went from brown to black, I have to tell you I don’t know. But I do know that copper and zinc and selenium and there’s a few other minerals that go along with that. High doses of vitamin A will influence your color.

I think Paul was taking blackstrap molasses when his hair turned black.

That’s right. I did.

Well, I had a nurse that came to me and she had white hair. Originally she had black hair. So I gave her the formula I mixed up. I haven’t done this often enough to say it always works, but in two years her hair turned almost completely black. She is a registered nurse, so she kept really good records. She started with a little black strings and then finally it turned almost completely black again. We have the Zing Minerals, I would say she used the equivalent of four half droppers a day. On the A-Vitamins she was at 30,000 international units. She maintained that for quite some time. The B-vitamins were all proportionately just as high. She didn’t change her diet, she actually didn’t eat well at all. But she did do that therapy that we put together.

I had a question on coconut oil. Why is that not good?

Coconut oil when it’s fresh is good, but our storage is poor, so it turns rancid and then it becomes trans fat. Olive oil and the other grain oils do even faster. The only oil that I know that doesn’t do that is wheat germ oil from this one particular company. What we did and is put that in a dark squeeze bottle like your toothpaste. We squeeze it out and then hold it that way so it will not take in oxygen and put a cap back on it so that it can’t take oxygen back into the squeeze bottle. As soon as you get oxygen in there it oxidizes. You’ll notice that when you buy oils at the grocery store at the top there is an area that doesn’t have any oil and that’s oxygen in there. That’s where the oxidation starts and so scientifically and also in our practical experience using wheat germ oil like that is the only oil I know that will kill off any and all viruses. We support that with that essential oil formula that Meadow View essential oils in Arthur has put together for us, and Mary has some of that.

When we use those oils we talked about putting essential oils in larger bottles, but people don’t use it fast enough. Essential oils in the larger bottles, because it has so much oxygen it lowers the quality of the oil. Right now they’re just in small bottles and people are using that for lymes disease and other kinds of viruses. We found that we have to keep it in small bottles, otherwise it oxidizes. By the time we get through the 4 oz. bottle it’s not doing any good.

What about Grape Seed Oil?

Well, you have the same problem with oxidation and you just have to keep it in an absolutely pitch dark environment. You have to somehow put it in a container where you can squeeze it and there’s no oxygen in the container. Otherwise it oxidizes. It will last, if it’s sealed, up to six months. Beyond that it’s a trans fat, then it’s bad news. And corn oil is bad from the beginning. So we’ve contacted some people about how to get these oils into a container where it doesn’t oxidize on us and we still haven’t found a satisfactory supplier. So that’s why we just cook with water.

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