Fibroid Tumors

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Conference Call by Health Coach Loren Miller

This Topic is about Fibroid Tumors. Some tumors are benign and some are not. The first place you have a problem is not having a balance of vegetables and grains.  The body produces bad estrogen, and with the bad estrogen, depending on the weakest part of the body, you’ll have some kind of cancerous or abnormal growth. That includes noncancerous and cancerous, and includes fatty tissue. The first level of response, if you want to do something really scientific, and we have studies that are published in journals, you double up on a product called Juice Plus. If you are not concerned about studies then what we do is start out with the immune system. Start out with Phytonutrients. Dr. Wallach’s Tangy Tangerine 2.0 has plenty to begin that process to make sure that you’re not producing bad estrogen. It really has to start with that. When we do Lymphocyte testing and find that the B-vitamins are right, and the minerals are right, and the Glutathione is right, then a person begins to reverse all those.

(These are called phytonutrients or phytochemicals. “Phyto” refers to the Greek word for plant. These chemicals help protect plants from germs, fungi, bugs, and other threats. Fruits and vegetables contain Phytonutrients. Other plant-based foods such as whole grains also contain Phytonutrients.)

We did a clinical study with 10 women who were Veterinarians and had HPV virus, and another group that had Fibroids. We used the Immunocal and we used Cyto-Ess. In that study, about 16 -17 years ago, many of them were Juice Plus distributors. We added certain things to it and had them take triple dose. The other thing we used along with that was Mushrooms. Within six months all of them had been reversed. Some were more advanced than others. Some had just found out they had foreign matter, as they call it, in the vaginal area or on the ovaries. Others were pretty advanced, and only one of them went beyond six months. So again, we did it with food for the immune system and Phytonutrients, which is critical. A few green beans don’t do that, it requires different colors of vegetables.

When a person has proper nutrition the body can pretty well take care of it. Most people that have operations are disappointed, because, yes, they have drugs that will shrink tumors, but if a woman is pregnant, typically they won’t give the drugs until she quits breastfeeding. We have been really consistent with that in the way of greens. In Juice Plus they have a lot of Barley Greens, or we use other greens on the worst cases  that are much stronger. That’s what we’ve been able to do on a clinical basis to reverse the condition.

Nutrition doesn’t kill anything like radiation does. It doesn’t kill anything like a drug does. These are not Medical Treatments. The industry would call this Drug based Precursors that are helpful. Our specialty is Nutritional based Precursors. Until you cover all the bases, and we use the Micronutrient testing, generally it’s not going to work. Different people try different things and the problem with that is they don’t know if they’re catching all the different parts of the immune system, or if they have the Phytonutrients to go along with it to reverse the conditions.

There is another product that we occasionally use, Protandim, but it’s sporadic. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work. We’re a little careful about using just one product. One product might work with one part of the immune system, but not all of the parts of the immune system. You need to have the nutrients get into the Lymphocytes. When you go to the doctor for a blood test, they test the Serum. The Serum is the clear fluids in the blood, and the Lymphocytes are inside the red blood cells. When we genetically have weakened then we can further define the dosages if we need to do that. Originally they were testing just 12 Genes and we’re going to be testing nearly 40 Genes.  There are some genes you need to detoxify, and you have to make sure you do that, then Genetically we can better tell you what the correct dosage is.

So to summarize- You need Phytonutrients so you stop producing bad Estrogen. Number two, you need certain ingredients of food for the immune system, so the immune system has what it needs to do its job. Some people’s immune system is compromised so much, and the cells are so low in energy that when their sickness is more advanced their body can’t really take and use the nutrients. That’s when we use the Meda Tron. The Meda Tron gives the cells the energy, then the body can take and use any nutrients. For all those who follow the full course of Nutritional based Precursors rather than drug precursors in our clinical experience were successful in reversing the Fibroid Tumors. (Fibroid Tumors are 80% of the reason women have Hysterectomies in this country today.)

(The Meda Tron is a patented device that projects the 3 primary colors through a media of water. The 3 Primary Colors projected from the device is the same colors as UV Light uses for Light Therapy presently used in Medical Devices. Available from Care Center)

If you go to,  for education purposes only, the first click starts out with Dr. Greger, who works with the National Institutes of Health. He shows you a lot of studies on the vegetables you’d need to use. In that you will find what is presented by Dr. Greger is that Garlic with the greens killed all 10 tumors. If you have garlic and you don’t have greens along with it it doesn’t work as well. You need both. Beets took care seven of ten of the cancerous tumor’s. The onions, leeks, beets, and garlic combination took care of all this abnormal growth. This is the reason we like to have people use different food selections.

This study demonstrated that if you just take a capsule of pomegranate it helps the immune system very, very little. When they put it in a capsule you lose the Polysaccharides.  That is a very important part of the immune system that has to be activated. When you use just the fruit it helped about 30 percent. When you took the capsule and the fruit it helped 70 percent. When we use these nutritional based Precursors, such as supplements, you’re going to get a lot better results if you’re choosing and using the right foods. That gives you the opportunity for your body and your cells to do what they were designed to do.

Basically what Protandim does is raise the Glutathione levels. It doesn’t address the other issues in the immune system. There’s many different parts of the immune system, and in the medical industry we call it a cocktail, or group of drugs. When you use a cocktail you’re using drugs. When we talk about nutrition we call it Cofactors. You need to address the one part of the immune system called the Glutathione levels. The other parts of the immune system we use the Cyto-Ess with the Polysaccharides, and Protandim is not addressing those issues. You can have some improvement , and it can be delightful and encouraging, but there becomes a point in time that Protandim has done what it can do. Then your body will still need the other ingredients to get the rest the job done.

Questions and Answers

I am using Protandim and it seems to help. My Fibroid Tumors were only growing when I was pregnant, otherwise it didn’t bother me.

That’s because your hormones are off. If you have the proper balance of Phytonutrients that wouldn’t happen. Over 90 percent of the time there could be other underlying conditions that we don’t know about or that were not discovered in blood work. Most of the time you need to add the Phytonutrients. You’ve got to have 7 to 15 different vegetables per day because each vegetable has the different color and turns on different genes. You might need maximum support for a specific gene or you might need minimum support. It’s a little hard to tell you what dosages, but you need to balance that out. If you really like Protandim and want to use it, we can include that with other co-factors.

Glutathione takes care of 25 different parts of the immune functions. When you use Colostrum, out of the colostrum, if you made 180 capsules of the same size of capsules, only one has to do with what we call the memory immune models that activate the immune system. They are cells that are used to communicate between Natural killer cells (also known as NK cells, K cells, and killer cells) are a type of lymphocyte (a white blood cell) and a component of innate immune system. NK cells play a major role in the host-rejection of both tumours and virally infected cells. Macrophagesa (large phagocytic cell found in stationary form in the tissues or as a mobile white blood cell, especially at sites of infection) Neutrophils (A type of immune cell that has granules (small particles) with enzymes that are released during infections, allergic reactions, and asthma. Neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils are granulocytes. A granulocyte is a type of white blood cell. Hematopoies is The formation of new blood cells.) and other parts of the immune system.

It takes over 500 quarts of milk to make one little package of Immunocal. You have Ag Assisting so your body will manage the Glutathione levels somewhat like Protandim does. The other thing is what they call BV Value. That’s how much value you get out of Immunocal, is 160. Protandim is blended in a way that instead of 20 to 30 percent BV Value, they got about 90 percent  BV Value. An egg is 100 percent B.V. Value. You and I would call it the value of the food and how much good it would do. Then you have another part of the immune system that needs Polysaccharides and that helps control another part of the immune system.

Polysaccharides are critical when it comes to proper nutrition because they comprise the complex carbohydrates that, for many, serve as the body’s primary energy source. Every bodily function relies on carbohydrates for energy. But, while the body can produce some energy, it’s certainly not enough to sustain itself.

If we don’t take in enough carbohydrates, we will have to instead supplement energy from other sources. When you don’t get enough carbohydrates, you put your body at risk for physical symptoms. Examples of this include a drop in blood sugar, and feelings of weakness, and lightheadedness. Polysaccharides, though, can help you overcome fatigue, support healthy blood pressure and blood sugar, encourage a positive mood, soothe irritation, support immune function, promote cardiovascular health and even increase libido.

Biological Value (BV) is a measure of the proportion of absorbed protein from a food which becomes incorporated into the proteins of the organism’s body. It captures how readily the digested protein can be used in protein synthesis in the cells of the organism. Proteins are the major source of nitrogen in food.

So there’s about 40 different parts of the immune system that are really important to balance out so you get the optimum benefit. It is definitely tied back into the hormones and the best way to start taking care of the hormones is get your Vitamin D right and get your Phytonutrients.

In the Mothers to be Program we have sufficient Nutrients in there so the women don’t have those problems. Then you’re not setting the baby up to be nutritionally deficient, and especially if it’s a female then they’ll have that problem. The doctor will say, “Oh, you just inherited it.” No, you inherited a lifestyle and habits, but genetically you get the right nutrients and you replenished the lymphocytes then you stop that. You break that cycle. You don’t have it, it’s not there anymore.   Fibroid Tumors are very manageable with drug therapy. It’s also very manageable with Nutritional Based Precursors. We focus on the Lymphocytes because when it gets there the cell can really do what’s designed it to, and then it takes care of those kind of things almost every time.

I’ve had Fibroids with all four of the children. They always got bigger with every pregnancy. They had told me that they can’t take them off unless they do hysterectomy.

I understand. Well, it’s very manageable if you know what to do, and you can set up your children so they have the proper nutrients and then if they maintain that, especially girls, they don’t have to experience that just because Mom did. You can stop that in your family line.

Could you explain how the Mother’s To Be Program works?

For nine years we’ve had a Mothers to be Program. It’s Pre-inception so the the embryo has sufficient nutrition. It’s prenatal because in the first three months you’re developing all the hard and soft tissue. If you don’t develop it all, then you have all kinds of potential problems. One we find a lot is the hearts, where they have to go in and do a heart transplant, or they have to put other valves in it. We had one person that they were leaking three to five percent, then all of a sudden they were leaking 35 percent and they had to have a valve transplant right away. Those are soft tissues that were not fully formed because the mother didn’t have the nutrition to help develop the baby in the first three months.

The other thing is that there are certain mineral deficiencies. Zinc is linked to Downs Syndrome. Selenium is linked to Cystic Fibrosis and Muscular Dystrophy. There are all kinds of minerals. You can’t just take a single mineral because they all work together. Dr. Wallach  says all 90, we think you need to have more than that. In this program, if you follow the whole program you have a baby that does really good. Sometimes people call us and they only got two months to go, so we put a program together that will get into the lymphocyte, but primarily we focus on getting it in the serum so at least the baby can get it, and then the baby is a lot healthier than they’ve had in the past. In the weeks after that we still have to work on the mother to get enough nutrition in the lymphocytes.

We worked with this for nine years. We have been involved with Dr. Wallach for about four years. He’s the only company we found, when we tracked the nutritional values for all the Lymphocytes, he only had one area that didn’t satisfy everything. We’ve tried Pharminix Vitamins and that was a disaster. We’ve done other companies for life research that didn’t work. Wallach is the only one we found that works. I like to visit with him about every three to five years updating what we’re doing. We found that he does really good as far as the minerals and the essential 90’s he talks about.   I think the reason Dr. Wallach does it is because he was in nutrition with animals. I think the reason the others are short is because it is usually Medical Doctors putting it together and they study in terms of deficiency. They do not have the standards that you use in the serum testing for sufficient.

The medical people talk about deficient and then you have enough for now, and you don’t see the problem, but it’s developing. You just don’t see it yet.  And then you have ‘Sufficient’. ‘Sufficient’ is for the cell to be fully developed and to function the way it’s designed to develop. The Micro Nutrient testing tells us if your cells are fully developed or if you’re short of certain things. It’s very predictable for the genome study that was 16 years the National Institutes of Health. Francis Collins who is now the director took over the last four years and completed the study. We work with a couple of people that worked in that study. We have the ingredients of what it needs to fully develop those cells so that you don’t have these deficiencies and problems that a lot of times don’t show up until they are in their 40s to 70s. Then they really start showing up and they’re the ones that have the large medical bills. Those are all deficiencies of the first three months that I just shared that were where parts of the body weren’t properly formed.

We don’t see it. We don’t think about it. And we think that we’re OK, but it really starts showing up between the 40s and the 70s. That’s why the new laws are set up that after 70 years old you just can’t get much of treatment because it’s just so expensive to try to take care of those Nutritional Deficiencies of the first three months. That’s what we’ve focused on with the Mothers to be Program, that there would not be those deficiencies. We also focused on absorption as we found that absorption is a major major problem. Especially in the Amish, the Mennonites, the Hutterites,and the Mormons.  They eat a lot more grain than the rest of the world does, so they just have a lot more problems because they don’t get the nutrition they needed. The other thing that happens is that around 70 percent of all of our clients are blood type A because they’ve been eating a blood type O diet, and their body can’t handle it, so they’re not absorbing nutrients. Sometimes what we do is when we start out some families, based upon the mother and the grandmothers’ problems, we’ll start out with just getting their stomach lining and their intestinal lining repaired so they can start absorbing the nutrients. Sometimes we run into mothers with a lot of yeast problems or Endetriomosis. That’s an absorption problem so we have to address those issues, too.

Can you explain what it costs and how to get on the program?

It depends on weight, and if you have to work on the absorption. The optimal program is close to $400, and what we call the minimum program is around $250 a month to avoid these problems we’re talking about. That doesn’t include the food. This includes the nutritional precursors that are in form of supplements. Most of the mothers tell us that their baby does not get sick as often as the rest of the family. They sleep better and are not fussy.

Do the mothers on the program almost always have enough milk for the baby afterward?

Usually not having enough milk is Phytonutrients and not absorbing protein. It’s a protein absorption problem most of the time. We actually discovered that in 1987. When we got that absorption straightened out and they had enough protein they always had plenty of milk and most of the time they had milk to share. It is a malabsorption problem of proteins.

One woman had bad teeth, but plenty of breast milk.

Yes, that’s possible. That’s a mineral problem. She was absorbing the proteins but not utilizing all the minerals that were necessary. When we do the Lymphocyte testing they’re usually low in B-vitamins, but they’re absorbing protein pretty well.  Usually the blood type O’s will absorb the protein even though they are B Vitamin deficient. A lot of times the A’s will not absorb that. That’s been our experience over the last 27 years.

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