Why Can’t I Find The Answer To My Health Problems?

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Are you switching from one supplement or food company to another, one doctor to another?

OR, have you used only one company and you still have health problems?




Here are some reasons your supplements may not be taking care of your health problems.


Problem #1

 We find that most eating plans contain too many inflammatory foods, and we find that the food today has an average of 30% less nutrients than it did 30 years ago. The current picture of insect resistant crops is not in just GMO corn, but in nearly everything we grow in our gardens, and purchase at the grocery store. If we continue to eat in this unhealthy way, our supplements will not help us to feel well.

Problem #2

 Most of us have a compromised liver, kidneys and gallbladder as a result of our unhealthy diets.  So we would get sick or at least not feel well, even if we have sufficient nutrients for optimum cell function from taking the food supplements.  As a result of our food choices and the food supplements that have only a little value, we can only survive. And, rightly so, we feel as if something is not right with our health.

Food supplement formulators will not put enough in their supplements because the liver, kidneys and gallbladder are too backed up to handle the strength we really need. So what we need to take is smaller dosages of the right ingredients at a lesser amount until we can get healthy enough to take the full amount.

The healthiest groups of people in the United States are the 7th day Adventist, the Old Orthodox Jews and the Mormons in Northern Utah (these groups have an average lifespan of 85-89 years with 1/3 of the medical bills, based on 10-year studies). Also, these groups have less nutritional deficiencies and a lot less childhood disabilities.

The Micronutrient Lymphocyte 14-day culture test result shows that all dietary plans and all food supplements still leave more than 90% of the people tested are still deficient. All food supplement companies’ products will be deficient in at least 7-10 nutrient categories. Once the deficiencies are known, it takes about 6 months to get enough nutrients into the Lymphocytes so that the body divides only healthy cells. If a person has a liver problem it takes about 4-6 months to have sufficient Micronutrients to divide only healthy cells. With healthy cells, it only takes about 18 weeks to have a really liver. For neurological conditions, it takes 2-5 years. It is like buying a farm: it takes about 3 years to rebuild the soils to have the production that the soil is capable of.

The CDC, the Center for Disease Control has acknowledged the study done at the University of California San Francisco where it was demonstrated that 1 in 33 human babies born has a disability. In animal studies, 1 in 500,00 offspring have disabilities. The CDC is presently developing programs to overcome some of these problems. Often the CDC does not get involved unless it is at epidemic proportions and has  been developing for 30 to 40 years.

In one community it was reported to Care Center that there were 19 miscarriages in the month of August 2017 alone. In the healthy cultures that statistic might only be one, instead of 19. One baby in that community was born of a mother who has a lot of warts associated with the HPV virus. The study points to a life time of lung problems for this baby. Thick heart wall muscle, which often results in needing a heart valve replacement by the age of 50, is also a result of unhealthy mothers. Inborn errors of metabolism in all communities among our people were found to be very common, but not recognized by the people.


Solution to these problems:

 To do the best we can as Fathers and Mothers, to produce healthy newborn babies, there are several important things we must do.

First and foremost, 6 months prior to conception, cook and eat the proper healthy foods that provide optimum nutrition for parents, the unborn baby, and other family members.

Next, learn the health condition of the Mother prior to conception. This entails:


  1. Blood Serum Testing which the family’s doctor uses as a matter of course when he/she needs to determine illness, or prescribe drugs or other medical procedures.
  2. Micronutrient Lymphocyte Testing (a 14-day Culture) which can determine a person’s nutritional deficiencies, which doctors and dieticians are not trained in.
  3. Genetic testing which is a saliva test to determine what nutritional supports are needed to “turn on” genes, as well as what quantity of the nutritional supports you need. Doctors and Dieticians currently do not use this test.
  4. Testing for mold in the blood.
  5. Mineral deficiency testing.
  6. And equally important is to evaluate environmental problems that cause illness such as electrical interferences and mold problems.

Of the above tests, your Medical Doctor’s specialty is “A”.

Care Center Consulting Service’s specialty, staffed with Doctors and Health Coaches, are services “B” through “F”.

It has been determined by qualified professionals that nutritional deficiencies result in 900 or more diseases and 97% of all so-called genetic disabilities.



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