What Can I Do About Bone Spurs?

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Bone Spurs

Conference Call by Health Coach Loren Miller


We are talking about bone spurs and what you can do about them and what category they fit into. Bone spurs are a part of an osteoporosis problem.  For one we lack the Calcium, the Phosphorus, and all the minerals that are necessary. We can have bone spurs removed but we’ll keep growing them. When we get enough of the right minerals along with the B- Vitamins those Spurs will actually recede. Until they recede they may be quite uncomfortable and you may choose to have them removed, but to keep them from growing again you have to have a program that will take care of bone tissue which Dr. Wallach has worked with for years and years.

It is one of his favorites programs because it is one that has been the most successful. People like myself and many other people have had hip pain from bone spurs or pain in other areas of their body. Some people have osteoporosis of the skull usually because they’ve had some kind of trauma to the skull. You develop osteoporosis at different parts of the body based on accidents you might have had or trauma you have had or just being deficient. Dr. Wallich has a basic program that he has had for years. They used to call it Big Pack, but now they call it The Healthy Bone and Joint Pack. This is a nutrition package that takes care of soft tissue and hard tissue. What we have observed in using that pack is if people weighing 160 pounds only take one pack, which they really need two packs, then they’re not very successful. They don’t get enough of the ingredients for the body to build the healthy bones. In some cases we have found that we need to add Milk Calcium to the program that Dr. Wallich has.

In other cases if there was an autoimmune condition they needed to build up their immune system. When your Immune system is compromised, it can be up to 30 percent of the problem that you have, and in this case we’re talking about bone spurs. They call it the comorbidity (In medicine, comorbidity is the presence of one or more additional diseases or disorders co-occurring with a primary disease or disorder; in the countable sense of the term, a comorbidity is each additional disorder or disease.) problem where you have a number of different viruses. Women that have osteoporosis and also have a heavy Viral load, when they get pregnant they can’t absorb iron and the iron seems to always be low because the viruses, according to medical literature, take up and use a lot of that iron.

Different viruses and bacteria use different minerals to grow. Sometimes you have to take care of the Viral infections or Bacterial infections so that your body can grow and your bones can replace. You go through this process of Osteoblast, (from the Greek combining forms for “bone”, ὀστέο-, osteo- and βλαστάνω, blastanō “germinate” are cells with a single nucleus that synthesize bone. However, in the process of bone formation, osteoblasts function in groups of connected cells. Individual cells cannot make bone.) the process of building bone. Osteoclast (from the Greek words for “bone” (ὀστέον), and “broken” (κλαστός) is a type of bone cell that breaks down bone tissue. This function is critical in the maintenance, repair, and remodeling of bones of the vertebral skeleton) is the process of getting rid of old bone. If you lack the nutrients that you need then you stop getting rid of the old bone but your body, to survive, keeps building new bone. Then you end up with the impingement or pinching of the nerves. And you have pain.

On the whole people do reverse it if they take enough of the nutrients. If it doesn’t work then you have an absorption problem. Then we start with high levels of Vitamin A and Glutamine. Glutamine is an Amino Acid that the stomach and the bowel need to repair and rebuild. There can also be malabsorption where you do not absorb the nutrients if you have Endometriosis or other inflammatory problems of the bowel. The reason we recommend people eat by the blood type diet is because Blood Type A find an inflammatory process developing when they eat beef. So we get into the different blood types, and what are the most desirable foods using the baseline of the Anti-inflammatory Program. If you have an Inflammation causing diet or program then you will compromise the efficiency of The Healthy Bone and Joint Pack.

When we do the Spectra Cell test we look at the Intracellular nutrition and the lymphocytes. Dr. Wallach’s program is the only one we found that has replenished or rebuilt in the lymphocytes and brought everything up to normal. We have not found any other company that does that. However, we found other companies to have products that enhance what Dr. Wallach has done. That’s our clinical experience.

We always look at inflammatory foods based on the blood type. To get off of those we always look at absorption to make sure you absorb the nutrients. If you’re doing things that cause the inflammation then you’re not going to absorb the nutrients and then people say, “Well, it didn’t work for me.” Usually it’s because they’re not taking enough nutrients, or they’ve decided to use foods that cause inflammation. Gluten free becomes very, very important for absorption. That is the overview of what you need to do if you don’t want to have bone spurs or if you have bone spurs and you want to reverse it nutritionally. Avoid foods that cause inflammation and taking sufficient nutrients according to the program and how it was designed.

It is fairly common for people to have spurs removed and have them grow right back again. People who get artificial joints or hip surgery or something like that and get a prosthesis often have made the decision knowingly or unknowingly not to follow a program that would be workable. It is workable if they if they have a little Health Coaching to make sure they stay on track.



 My Sister was wondering what she could do to quit eating so much. I said maybe her body is lacking a nutrient. Was that correct?

That goes a long way to being correct. That can be a correct and not complete explanation. Usually it’s the food they’re eating and the deficiency they have. Just like horses cribbing and it is usually a phosphorus problem. If they are too acid they will get really hungry. You control your PH as far as the interstitial fluid, the fluids between the cells. We’re not talking about the blood PH to help control the problems. Most of the time you can control it just by what you’re eating. It’s amazing how much correction is experienced by changing what you eat. Otherwise you’re nutritionally deficient and it’s really hard to get over it then we crave food.

Today we were cleaning out cabinets and found a pack of unfinished chocolate. You just go back again and again once you get started, and it’s hard to quit. And yes, it was good.

There are the emotional triggers that come from early experience that you associate with. It’s a comfort food.  Comfort food adds to the acid, then you start craving. It’s really hard to get out of the tailspin.

We have employee that is ready to do surgery because of a herniated disc, or bulging disk. Is that diet related, or because of too much heavy lifting or a combination of both?  

I think number one it’s mostly diet, but the job can contribute to that stress and problem. Sometimes people need to change jobs for a period of time until they can recover. I would say for the most part it’s nutrition related or associated. The other thing that we find constantly in the workplace based on our work is compensating movements. I know I did for a long time. I had to lift my right knee just enough higher and then my hip would quit hurting. Sometimes it is poor posture or poor work habits or you have an accident and develop compensating behavior. Usually a physical therapist is really good at observing your movement. They are very good at helping you alter some of your compensating behavior. That’s just part of the healing process. If a person chooses to do that it’s very helpful most of the time. Poor habits and nutritional deficiencies is what most of it is.

You’ve talked about coffee leeching calcium from the bones. Is that related to Calcium deficiencies? Is that in connection with something like back problems?

You can have habits that include acid drinks.  For the body to maintain the blood PH it will often pull Calcium and Magnesium out of the bones to maintain the blood PH, and so it leaches. So it’s just not good to have acid drinks because it contributes to the problem of being deficient in Calcium. Eventually it can affect the heart and other Nervous Conditions can develop because of the lack of Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium. I would say it’s a contributing factor. Getting off of it goes a long ways to start to reverse your condition.

What are acid food and drink?

Anything that has caffeine. Coke, Mountain Dew, Coffee, and almost all your energy drinks are acid. That creates a lot of problems of leaching calcium out of the bones.

This gentleman with the bulging disc is about 50 years old. People tell him, and he says this, “Oh, coffee is good for you.” Every break he goes to the restaurant and drinks coffee and then they serve coffee in the afternoon work break. 

There are a lot of properties out there that have high antioxidant levels but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other properties of that antioxidant that would not cause problems, because they do, and so each person has to use wisdom and good judgment. Some of these coffees people will put reishi mushrooms in the coffee and the brain tumor goes away. Then they say, “Oh, coffee has a lot of antioxidants.” It is actually the reishi mushrooms that has the Polysaccharides. It doesn’t have anything to do with the coffee. That’s a way to get people to do something so they can make money but are not really interested in your health. They’re interested in making money. Coffee is a great business to be in because almost everybody drinks coffee. To prove that look at Starbucks. They went from a dollar up to six and seven dollars for some coffee that has great antioxidant value. We do deceive people in some of our business practices nowadays.

Even Dr. Wallach sells coffee. Is his coffee healthy?

Well, I don’t drink it. We all have opinions and he’s probably the most right of anybody that I’ve ever met, but I still reserve the right to make my own decisions. I’m not going to drink coffee. There may be something I don’t know that makes it really a good product, but right now I don’t know that, so I choose not to have the coffee.

People are saying that Green tea is a good drink. What do you think?

Lots of green tea has enough caffeine to overstimulate the liver and make so you can’t sleep. If you have too much acid then you’re going to have the problem with the enamel falling off of your teeth. Hibiscus tea is an extremely healthy antioxidant but it’s like coffee. It’s very acid, and it can eat away at the enamel on your teeth. It’s a very, very acid drink. Green tea has properties that have antioxidant values. So you get to get back in the same situation again. They are very acid products that have very high antioxidant values in it. And so you have to decide how much you want to risk when you do that.

So what are you doing? What do you drink besides water?  Are there any kind of teas you recommend?

No, I quit doing it. I didn’t know better, now I have teeth problems because of that. When I grew up I used to have chocolate bars and ruined my teeth doing that. I got osteoporosis because I didn’t have enough common sense to listen to my parents. So we all have done things like that.

What about Dandy Blend?

What we know today Dandy Blend is kind of in its own category and it can be useful and doesn’t cause the harm if you do it in moderation. Country Farms Super Greens and Bountiful Beets from Walmart are healthy drinks.


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