Best Vegetables for Your Health

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Best Vegetable For Your Health

Conference Call by Health Coach Loren Miller

We want to talk about the most beneficial garden and greenhouse vegetables. This information comes from the National Institutes of Health and are funded by different universities in a project which they determine if somebody is misrepresenting it. Then the government will run a test to see if it bears out. We are going to talk about a few basic things that will help us.

If you are planting a garden, Kale has a nutritional food value of 1000. Iceberg lettuce has a nutritional value of 35. As an example, Collard Greens are about 1000. Almost everything we have such as a white potatoes, carrots, green beans, they are all under 100. The normal things that we eat is under a hundred. The most effective green leafy vegetable is Spinach, Kale, and Collard Greens, and then the most effective berries would be blackberries, raspberries, and cranberries. They are by far way above blueberries, blueberries are hardly on the chart. Those are the berries that you would want to grow eventually.

The other thing that we find really, really interesting is beets kill seven of 10 cancers.  Green onions, Leek, and garlic kill 10 out of 10 tumors. Tomatoes don’t kill even one of them, and they’re highly inflammatory. Dandelion root powder is extremely good to move the lymph system. White potatoes block the lymph system. The Idaho potato farmers that grow white potatoes have the highest rate of diabetes from eating white potatoes and in heart problems, of all farmers, they’re the worst by far. Then we get in mixing vegetables with black beans for blood type A’s and O’s, those are non-inflammatory. They are by far the most effective there is for anti-inflammatory as far as any kind of heart condition. Kidney beans worked by far the best for blood type AB’s and B’s.

Cucumbers have almost no food value.  They’re tasty and have a lot of moisture. You can use them for seasoning to make salad tasty, but there’s almost no value. Here’s something interesting when you’re making your salads. Chia seeds have been extremely well marketed but have almost no food value for heart disease and cancer, almost zero.

Let’s get over to part of the immune system. What it needs is Polysaccharides. We often don’t talk about this much, but we’re going to give you the number one, Reishi mushrooms and dandelion roots. That’s the most effective for breast cancer and Cervical cancer. For other cancers would be, especially lung related conditions, Cordyceps, Chaga powder, Turkey tail and Lion’s Mane, according to the National Institutes of Health. For the last seven years, I’ve been running major studies on those mushrooms and they have about 90 some percent reversal in brain tumors, in the studies they had on Turkey tail and Lion’s Mane. If you want to grow mushrooms, get kinds that grow in the light. You do not want to grow mushrooms that grow in the dark. They’re inflammatory. White potatoes, eggplant, and tomatoes grow in the dark. All these  nightshades are inflammatory.

Now let’s go over to the grains. If you want to do your own experiment and you can go buy about 17 different grains out there and put them out with the insects. The insects don’t even bother the hybrid wheat with high gluten because there’s almost no nutrition in it. They hardly bother with oatmeal. They will get a little nutrition from it. If we were to grow vegetables that would be extremely beneficial, what every garden should have. Use carrots as a sweetener. They have sugars to help get some nutrients. Parsnips have high Lutein and are very good for the eyes. Rutabaga, turnips, sweet potatoes, Kale, Leeks, sweet onions, and garlic cloves. Those are the most beneficial vegetables you could possibly plant, so I’ll just go over them again. It’s carrots, parsnips, rutabagas, turnips, sweet potatoes, Kale, Leeks, sweet onions, and garlic cloves. The other thing that’s very, very useful is butternut squash and it stores well throughout the year, and is extremely important.  Growing beets is also very, very important.

Now I switch to apples. An apple has three times the antioxidant value that a banana does. If you look at all the different bananas that you can buy, the healthy ones are the colored ones. The yellow ones we buy have almost no food value according to all the studies. When you prepare a meal, you need a lot of root vegetables and then you can have your greens with it. Whenever you have greens that grow above the ground, or butternut squash or sweet potatoes, you also need something that grows below the ground. You need to combine about half and half of the root vegetables vine vegetables or those vegetables that grow above the ground.

If you’re using grains, the healthy ones are millet or quinoa. Let’s talk about nuts. Walnuts and pecans are non-inflammatory. You don’t need to eat more than what fits in the palm of your hand once a day and you can get all the benefit you need in that. They have the omega oils, and they are the most anti-cancer and also good for heart conditions because they have the nutrients.

Some people are concerned about eating beets. The only reason your iron could be high by eating beets, the carrots and the red apple is malabsorption, and because you do not have enough copper and zinc in your system. Now let’s talk about what I mean about in your system. The serum we’ve talked about which is the clear fluid in the blood. That’s what the doctors use. That’s immediate. They can determine the drugs you need by serum testing. Essential oils and herbs are drugs. They’re not foods. Some people like to think they’re concentrated foods, but they are not because it’s not a whole food in the form that you take it. It’s a treatment.

Whole foods go into the lymphocytes and the CDC and the government are now saying and encouraging that the micronutrient testing is the only way to establish how to know if you have enough nutrients. Those are in the white blood cells. White blood cells are in the red blood cells. The serum doesn’t have anything to do with that and the serum can’t manage that. We see tests continuously for the serum testing showing the results on Vitamin D is really high. The doctor takes them off, but without sunlight, without calcium and without Vitamin K, you do not get the Vitamin D where it belongs. These foods we are talking about, we have been tracking for 17 years. The National Institutes of Health have been tracking them longer than we have and it’s very well agreed on by scientists that these foods can reverse heart disease. They can reverse cancers, but they have to get the nutrients into the lymphocytes. We use what we call micro nutrient testing to determine what that is.

Without that, you’re eating foods that don’t get to where you want them to go. In our booklet that we have for the Mothers to Be, in the general introduction we have a whole variety of non-inflammatory foods with a genetic disposition that we call blood types. You can have variety and you’re not limited to certain foods. In that, cabbage, above ground. Cauliflower, above ground. Fennel, above ground. Parsley, above ground. All are extremely beneficial.  You blend those greens with the root vegetables, so when you prepare the onions, garlic, and other root vegetables, you add to that the Greens to blend the taste.

When you’re putting beef broth soup together, you use Greens to make it taste sweet. The best sweetener you can get is Kale in bone broth soup. Again, these are high nutrient density foods. They have a lot of value.

In the meat industry, what we have found is the most expensive, fancy cuts are the least nutritious. The most nutritious meat cuts are the least expensive and it’s simply because people promoted it then we think it’s really good. Pumpkin is really good. The pumpkin that is more like a gourd is exceptionally good. When they took the West Africans and the American Indians and put them on the reservation, they gave them the original corn, the colored corn, which is still nutritious, and gave them beans and squash and let them live on that. For years they thought that the Indians and the Africans, in northern part of Africa could hardly get cancer. In fact, they would get less than five percent cancer and heart diseases.

The more money people have, the more they buy the foods that have little or no benefit to them. We’re not growing sugar cane, but the whole sugar industry was promoted by Great Britain and the way they grew up on the reservations. They would go in and capture a lot of Africans. They had the largest slave trade on the cane sugar plantations and out of that came primarily slavery and the cause of most of our diseases today.  Some people in Ohio and Pennsylvania grow some of the original wheat. That’s what they use, and that’s good, but as soon as you make it into bread, it’s toxic.

If you’re going to grow some of these things, learn how to use them so they’re a great benefit to you instead of ruining them by preparing them in such a way that they’re are harmful. For those who like mashed potatoes, and can’t quite get away from them, we found most people will like the millet, soaked for maybe a day or so. You cook the millet and add cauliflower to it. Most people when they eat that, they like that better than mashed potatoes. It takes a little longer for it to convert to sugar.

Let’s talk about your salts. If people would eat a half a quart of vegetables a day, they would get almost enough salt and magnesium with it, and the iodine goes with that. They can get that through their plant life.

There are people we have had associations with that say we want to get off of food supplements. We start out with the food supplements, and then you get the proper minerals in the soil with the humic acid. Right now that comes primarily from the inner mountain west, and you can buy it in 50 pound bags. It takes about three years to get the minerals into the soil sufficiently, so if you’re growing the right vegetables, then you will have enough nutrients that you can live a really healthy lifestyle. It is possible to be very healthy on food if you do that, but our current habits lead us down the wrong direction so we buy a lot of food supplements that we don’t really need to buy.

A person to get enough nutrients would have to eat a whole pickup load of Broccoli because their absorption is so bad. Or they would have to eat one and a half pickup loads of carrots to keep from going blind, as an example, because we haven’t grown the food in the right way. If the food is grown the right way, your antioxidant level and your carotenoid levels could be higher than you can get from almost any food supplements. So it is possible if you grow your own food to have the nutrient quality and the nutrient density with the right plants, to where you would need almost no food supplements and we know people that are doing that.

All those that are doing that are protein deficient and calcium deficient. There are ways to get enough protein and calcium and that depends on your area and it depends on your genetics. Your blood type is part of your genetics and then that would have to be discussed on an individual basis of wherever you’re growing food. For instance, in Arizona, or in the Mountains of Colorado, or in the Plains of the Midwest, or the North Eastern part of the United States, or the Southeastern part of the United States. Once you know what that is and how to do it, it is absolutely amazing how healthy people can be by having the nutrients in the soils. That means you need all  60 plus minerals.

Every animal nutritionist knows that, and then you have to have the sugars. Those that are in the farming know the brix sugar level needs to be close to 12. Commercial onions you buy at the store, sometimes there are only two or three. That is not enough natural sugars to get the nutrients into the cells and get off of all the food supplements. Those things are really, really, really important. When you add the correct minerals most people will have a substantial increase in production. We had one lady here in Daviess County call us one time. She says, “I have a major problem you’ve got to get out here.” So we went and she says, “Look at this. This is really a problem for us. This stuff is growing so fast that we can’t even use it, we’re feeding it to the sheep!” It had grown twice as high in the first 14 days as they’d ever had before. When you get the nutrients in the soil to feed a human, not just to feed the plant, then you start having these kinds of results.

If we get our nutrients in the way they should be we will not have babies that have disabilities. Men need to have zinc. If men don’t have enough zinc they are contributing to down syndrome. In that first 28 days, it’s not all up to the woman. Vitamin A needs to be 10,000 international units. If you go to the health food store and you get 10,000 international units in your formula you get toxic levels of Vitamin B.

I want to explain that out of respect for the medical profession so you understand what I’m saying. You go in, you have a heart problem. That’s because you’ve been eating way too much salt and your potassium foods are almost nonexistent. You have to have foods that have high levels of potassium, so the doctor puts you on a potassium pill to balance out the electrolytes. Then you can’t eat salt, it is bad for you. In reality you have to have salt, but the doctor calls that nutrition and takes one isolated mineral to try to balance out your chemistry. That’s not a whole food. That’s only in the serum and it’s not getting into the lymphocytes. Mothers to be, you have to have the nutrients get into the lymphocytes. Your Dietitian is working along with the doctor to balance chemistry, not to have food in the lymphocytes and measurement by micronutrient testing to get what you really need. Now the doctors make the statement that’s often misunderstood, but it’s correct. They say, “Well, that’s just genetic.” Well, is it genetic expression? It is because of lack of nutrients, but they don’t know. They’re not trained in it.

They don’t understand that it is a lack of expression of the gene not doing what they need to do because it doesn’t have the nutrients. Once your body has the nutrients, in three generations there would be no sick hearts. Almost zero. I mean like two or three percent of the people would have a heart problem. People don’t think about a person 50 or 60 years old that has a heart problem. That’s a childhood disability that mom did not have the nutrients to form the heart correctly.

If the mother and the father take the nutrients that they need and get them into the lymphocytes six months before inception, the child will not have the disability that the mothers or the fathers have, because the nutrients get into the serum.  The baby’s being fed from the serum and you can get the nutrients into the serum quickly. Some get confused as ‘my babies healthier than I am’. We focus on getting the nutrients in the serum for the baby. The mother is not as healthy as the baby because the adults have to have the nutrients in the lymphocytes, the white blood cells. The baby is getting fed primarily from the serum, then a mother has a baby healthier than herself.

We say it’s too expensive. Now, let’s say it’s $250 a month. If you had the proper nutrition you grow in the garden, you could do that, but you’re not going to absorb it because the lymph system is backed up. The perfect combination for the lymph system to back up is having milk and milk products after eight years old because your body no longer produces the enzymes to break down the casein or the cheese in the milk. Then we eat cheese and scavenger foods and  bread. Bread is just nothing but sugar. It’s just another way of having sugar. Now what happens? We’re backing up our lymph system. It starts by clogging up our liver, backing up the kidneys, but the biggest problem is with the gallbladder.

It’s just all backed up, plugged up from the bread and the cheese because your body is not digesting it. It’s just backing up into your liver. You have gall bladder problems because you have a lot of inflammation at that point in time. When that happens, you’re not absorbing the nutrients. For people to use food, their liver has to function, their gallbladder has to function, and their kidneys have to function tremendously well. If you’re eating the right thing, not eating inflammatory foods, and you grow the right food in the garden, you’ll be real healthy. Medical bills go way, way, way down. It’s just amazing to see.

This diet makes a simple lifestyle. You don’t have to freeze corn. You don’t have to put away tomatoes, you don’t have to grow tomatoes, you don’t have to bake bread and cookies. You can just cook some grains and chop vegetables. People spend half as much time or a third of the time in the kitchen. It really makes a simple life. It’s wonderful to feel that good, but our biggest obstacle right now is lack of absorption because the gallbladder’s backed up.

Transcribed and edited by Clara Plank

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