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How often do I have to hear ‘You are what you eat’ before it actually sinks in? We really are what we eat! We are now on a mission of seeking heart health through food, thus was born Manna for the Heart. Let’s have healthy food for a healthy heart! Questions? Join us on live conference calls every Monday evening at 7:00 CST. 


We were a family of twelve until our husband and Daddy went home to be with Jesus in May of 2014, at the age of 40. Now I was having heart palpitations bad enough that I wondered, “Will I have a stroke or heart attack? Will I die? What will happen to our orphan children if I do die? What is the best way to improve our family’s heart health?” 

Our oldest son, at age 22, could  feel his heartbeat through his whole body. I had in the back of my mind that he could be one of those who would pass out while exerting himself, with his heart health . He often did not sleep well, getting up in the morning feeling more tired then when he gone to bed. More of the children could also feel their heartbeat, but maybe just in their hands.



We have a history of weak hearts on both sides of the family. Grandpa died suddenly of a heart attack. Grandma is 96 years old, and has a pacemaker. Grandpa Kaufman had heart failure.  Dad was in the hospital last winter because of heart palpitations. My sister has had heart arrhythmia.

 Raymond, my husband, had enlarged heart, congestive heart failure, and several strokes. Raymond’s extended family has a lot of heart issues, including arrhythmia. My father-in-law also had congestive heart failure and died from stroke complications. 

I was at a loss as to what we should do. We had tried so many different vitamins and treatments for my husband. My Father-in-law had swallowed literally thousands of vitamins.

I didn’t know which route to go. I was told by the children that I am the one that needs the Dr. because I can’t feel my heartbeat in my hands! That was enough to convince me that it is high time we do something if we don’t want some serious health issues coming up.

I had tried some different things before this. One was the Lemonade Fast. That helped my heart a lot, but when I went back on food the palpitations started again, although they were different from before. I also drank water kefir for about a month, and lost 5 pounds, but it didn’t stop my heart palpitations. While using kefir, I went through a 
detox, where I had diarrhea and broke out in a cold sweat. At the time we started on the Blood Type/Macrobiotic diet I stopped using the kefir.


My sister has MS and had started working with a Health Coach. When I shared my  health concerns with her she encouraged me to also start working with him.

Our Health Coach explained how each generation will have the heart health issues  approximately 20 years younger.  So our children will die at 20, if Dad died at 40, and Grandpa died at 69? No Way! It is time we make some changes!

Actually our oldest is 22, but he had enough heart health issues that it concerned me. We met our health coach the first time on July 27, 2017. Our diet change was abrupt, but I told the children we have two choices, eat different or die!

We started using the Lite Morton salt instead of regular table salt. We got a Mega-Tron foot bath,and after we do a foot bath we take 1 tsp. of Calm, an anti-stress drink. With only the foot bath, salt change, and diet change my heart palpitations almost stopped and I lost 15 pounds in 4 weeks.


We are on a macrobiotic diet, don’t use dairy or nightshades, and blood type diet. Nightshades include peppers, tomatoes, and white potatoes. We use a lot of chicken, some turkey, and hamburger. All pork is out because of the virus they carry.

The easiest healthy meal I have found so far is peeling and boiling  sweet potatoes until soft, then making mashed potatoes. For gravy, use chicken broth, and add a few scoops Bone Broth  for extra nutrition. I used brown rice flour for thickener. By grinding brown rice ourselves with a Nutri Mill the flour is one-third the price of buying rice flour.

I almost always have a large, healthy salad on hand. We use romaine lettuce, carrots, broccoli, and celery. Chop up a lot of everything with the mandolin and we are good to go for several meals. We keep it in a Tupperware refrigerator container and it stays good for at least 3 days.

Healthy salad dressing was a bit of a challenge. I didn’t want to use ranch Dressing, so we tried Aldi Tahini dressing. It is fairly good, once you are used to it, but at first it tasted burnt, or bitter, to us. We also use Hellman’s Dressing and Sandwich spread that has no artificial colors and flavors and is Non GMO. 


I got two 25 pound boxes of trail Mix from IFS BULK for snacks for the lunches. We also eat a lot of watermelon and popcorn. Aldi has rice cakes that we sometimes use. The girls like to put a nut butter on them. We also use frozen blueberries  for a school snack. mmm…healthy!

Energy Bars are good. One cup almonds, one cup dried cranberries, one cup pitted dates, 1 Tbsp. unsweetened coconut, 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips. Combine in blender or food processor until it all clumps together. Flatten into 9×9 pan and cut into serving size bars. If dates are hard soak in boiling water for 10 min before blending. Watch your blender though, we burned up the motor making these.


Breakfast we can be very simple and only drink Lite Morton Salt mixed with 10 oz. water. Lite Morton salt is available in your local Wal-mart. Homemade granola served with soy, almond, or rice milk is the usual breakfast for the children.  Saturday mornings I have already tried different waffle recipes. This morning I used the regular recipe and used rice flour instead of white flour. I also added a spoon full of pureed pumpkin. They were a bit heavy, but good. The children even ate leftovers for lunch. Serve with Pure Maple Syrup.

be calm



Every Monday evening at 7:00 pm Central time we have a conference call with Loren Miller. We are on a mission of saving babies! Mother’s To Be protocols are available at Doing Good 812 254 2991. This protocol should be started 6 months before conceiving to insure that baby gets needed nutrients.  A babies heart beats 18 days after conception. If the mother is malnourished at that time, the child could later in his life have heart problems. Did you ever wonder why your hair isn’t thicker? Or why the first grader just can NOT remember the alphabet? Listen to the recorded message below.

Join us on live Conference call on Monday evening at 7:oo pm Central, or 8:00 pm Eastern time. Call # 712 432 8773 Conference ID 227733#.

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