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Restless Legs and how to Repair the Intestinal Tract Conference Call


 To Repair The Intestinal Tract

Conference Call by Health Coach Loren Miller

We wanted to let people know how they can repair their intestinal tract. A lot of people have digestive disorders, and they really can’t handle enough B-Vitamins to repair and rebuild and do what all B-Vitamins do. They have trouble taking foods and are always struggling with digestion. The typical thing in the medical field for doctors that are integrative is to use Glutamine. We like the formula from Advanced Naturals. You have to have fairly high Vitamin A and Glutamine. We found that we mix those three, Intestimax, Bountiful  Beets, and Super Greens in equal amounts of each one of those three, that really helps with the nervous system. If you have more problems you add the Phenylalanine, Restores+AD, which we found helps a lot with people that have digestive problems.

The Bountiful Beets have 500 milligrams of Potassium. When people use that it kind of clears up their thinking and they feel more alert.  A banana has one fifth of that. Beets have five times more Potassium than a banana, and beets don’t have a lot of extra sugar like a banana. Those three ingredients help people calm the nerves, relax, and helps with their digestion substantially. We recommend that everybody try that so they know what’s going on. Some mothers are using that drink for the children when they come home from school. This drink kind of calms them down and helps them relax and brightens their mind up. They’re not as sleepy and they’re just calmer.

You can get a beet formula from Youngevity also, and some people prefer to do that. They have Malic Acid added in it and that helps brighten up the mind and calm the nerves, but some people can’t handle the extra Malic Acid, then you just use the Bountiful Beets from Walmart. Either one of those beets work really well.

Restless Legs

For restless legs add  to that Restores+AD and it will calm the nerves down. Some people will get up on their toes when they’re sitting down and their legs are moving real fast. That will calm that all down almost every time.

The other thing I want to share that is interesting is when people have thyroid problems there are a couple of things that are happening. If they’re drinking pop then they’re getting aspartame. Aspartame will lower thyroid function 30 to 50 percent in just a few minutes and it will wipe out the use of any magnesium. When people go off of it they have cramps pretty bad. It is interesting how effective aspartame is in altering thyroid production. Then they get into mild depression when they come off of it, all because of the aspartame.

The other thing that happens is in some areas the soil or the water is very acid and then in other communities the water is very alkaline. When it’s too alkaline then you have to have a lot more magnesium. The best thing to do is filter it, but some areas I’ve seen PH in water as high as 8.1 which is way too high. The only thing you can do then is boil the water and add the minerals which are acids. That will bring the PH of the water down to normal. In communities where the PH is way too high and people are drinking this high PH water, what happens is they quit absorbing Magnesium and Calcium. In those communities they have a lot more hip and bone replacements or shoulder replacements because the PH is too high. They are not utilizing the basic minerals the body needs to rebuild bones and rebuild connective tissue. Water becomes a real significant in this whole thing.

When the PH is too high the people don’t feel as good. There’s a whole list of side effects in communities where the PH is too high. Then they revert back to sugar for acid to balance out the PH. Then the thyroid goes down. Then they go to the doctor and the doctor is putting them on all kinds of medications for the heart,  the thyroid, and all of that.  They need to get away from the high PH water and it will all straighten out. They wouldn’t have all these health problems that have been administered drugs by the doctors because the doctors don’t have any idea that they’re drinking water that’s not appropriate for them. It’s pretty dramatic having the right PH in the water and having enough acid.

In our program all the drinks in the morning are acid drinks then you switch over to alkaline drinks in the afternoon. If you get a little bit too much ingestion because the PH goes up too high in the stomach you add just two sips of acid and that brings it right back down, and you keep the balance. While you’re practicing on this just get these little PH strips and work with your PH to get it leveled out close to seven, or six point eight to seven. You can correct most of those problems. What’s really interesting is that people with heart problems have not been managing that. Then you have heart problems because PH is too high or too low.

The other thing that causes heart problems is where you have Vitamin D that’s way too low or the Vitamin D is way too high. So the PH and the Vitamin D are crucial because they manage the hormones. One of the first things we need to know is what their water is like if they have heart problems because it is a definite part of the problem. Your regular medical doctors are not going to address that. We’re training our host families so they can pick up on that. We will be doing a survey and then if they check it off  that they have these symptoms then we’re going to have to check their Vitamin D and check the the PH of their water and the cleanness of the water.  We’re doing it through education with simple things that they can do.

Is it just like the plants, if the PH is off you will have diseases?

Exactly right. If the PH is off or the minerals are deficient or something like that then you will have diseases.

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